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Neoti is a US-based award-winning pioneer of innovative LED signage that prides itself on innovation, customer care, and exceptional service. Now teamed with Starin, together we believe that support is most important to your rewarding wall implementation experience. That is why Neoti is a US-based full-service LED service and repair center, not only for their brand but numerous others. Make your customers happy.

Established in 2006, Neoti quickly became one of the fastest growing LED rental providers in the country. Neoti then focused on the broadcast market. Through the experience of providing other brands, Neoti realized what it would take to have their name be on outstanding products. Starin and Neoti have closely partnered to set brand apart from the competition. Starin and Neoti have a channel-friendly strategy to make you win customers who will become fans.

One area of excellence is in delivery. We strive to make the usual 12+ weeks delivery never a condition of working with us, by having substantial inventory in North American. From training to make you fully self-sufficient, to on-site supervisory guidance for your crew or sending a full crew wot supplement your install bandwidth, Neoti and Starin have a success plan right for your situation.

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